ACTS 27 & 28
Julius – member of the Imperial Regiment;
Roman guards; Luke; Aristarchus; and Paul
board a ship going towards Rome.
Landed in Sidon. Julius allows Paul to meet
with believers/friends and meet his needs.
Passing Cyprus – winds start; struggling
with the winds, they stopped in Myra and
changed ship
Landed at Cnidus, pushed on to Fair Haven.
Lost a lot of time fighting the wind Paul
suggests to winter there…
V 13 The ship’s pilot pushes to continue –
the winds seem to calm down
Then suddenly a northeastern hurricane
like winds caught the ship and tossed it
violently, driven by the storm - no control
Anchors lowered, winds continue to batter
the ship, they threw cargo overboard
day of storm the ship’s tackle tossed
V20 After many days, they could not see
the sun nor the stars, no time to eat, they
started to give up hope…
Then Paul said, “I told you to winter in Fair
Haven…But I urge you to keep your
courage – not one of you will be lost, only
the ship. An angel of the Lord – of whose I
am and whom I serve stood beside me
and said, ’Do not be afraid, Paul, you must
stand trial before Caesar, and God has
graciously given you the lives of all who
sail with you.’ So keep your courage, for I
have faith in God that it will happen as he
told me…we must run aground on some
V27 On the 14
day of the storm, they dropped 4 anchors and
prayed to see daylight. A few sailors tried to escape, Paul warned
Julius and the lifeboats were cut loose and drifted away…
Paul encouraged them to eat, none will be lost, then he broke bread
and began to eat…they were encouraged and ate
276 onboard
At last daylight was seen, they saw a sandy bay, untied the ropes, set
the rudders free, hoisted the main sail guiding the ship to the bay
But the ship hit a sandbar and became grounded and started to break
As custom, the soldiers planned to kill
the prisoners, but Julius stopped them
because he wanted to protect Paul.
Julius ordered, “all who can swim,
jump overboard, those who can’t swim,
float to shore on the boards broken
off the ship…”
V44 As promised, all came ashore
They land on Malta, Paul is helping
to collect kindling for the fire…a
snake bites him!
The islanders thot Paul must really be
evil and will drop dead soon!
Paul just shook off the snake into the
fire…didn’t get sick or die…he must
be a god…(note: he shook it off
before the poison could reached his
Publius – the Roman Chief
Official of Malta – invited
Paul and company to his
home, showing them 3
days of generous
Paul learned Publius’
father was very ill, so he
prayed with him and the
Lord healed him
Then everyone brought the
sick to be prayed for and
they were all cured
V10 The whole group (276 people)
were honored in many ways and all
their needs were met – for 3 months!
V11 Winter passed, now on to Rome
with a new ship provided by Malta
Sailed to Syracuse – stayed 3 days
Then Rhegium – overnight
Then Puteoli – stayed 1 week and
met with believers
Then finally Rome!
V15 Believers from all over Italy met Paul
at the ship and seeing them, he was
overwhelmingly encouraged
He was allowed to live in a rented home
with a guard and have many visitors
3 days later, he met with the Jewish
leaders – he wanted to be clear – he was
not bringing charges against them
He shared that Jesus is the Hope of glory
the fulfilment of the Laws and Prophets
Some believed and some did not believe…
V 30-31 For 2 years Paul stayed in his own rented
home… He proclaimed the Kingdom of God and
taught about the Lord Jesus Christ with all boldness
and without hinderances
What a life!
What a legacy!
What is your testimony?
What will your life say
about Jesus?