Take Courage
ACTS 21: 17 – ACTS 24: 27
The Story… a long one!
Acts 21: 17 – 30 Paul in Jerusalem, meets with James (the
half brother of Jesus/John’s brother was martyred earlier)
and the other elders.
Rumors against him, he is encouraged to do the purification
ritual with four other Christian Jewish brothers
7 days later (completion of the ritual), Paul is back in the
Temple, Jews from Asia see him and tells the priests that Paul
has brought Greeks into the Temple and defiled the Temple.
V30 The whole city was in an uproar and came running from
all directions, pulled Paul out of the Temple and were
fiercely beating Paul…
The Arrest and Imprisonment Acts 21: 31 – 22: 30
We meet Claudius Lysias – Roman Commander
Stops the crowd from killing Paul and arrests Paul
The crowd was screaming, “Get rid of him!”
V37 Claudius lets Paul address the people from the top of the
steps. He speaks to them in Hebrew…the crowd becomes
Acts 22: I am a Jew, born in Tarsus, raised here in Jerusalem
with Gamaliel as my teacher. You can verify that I killed
Christians – both men and women. Until one day on my way to
Damascus…I heard a voice say, “Saul, Saul! Why do you
persecute Me?...I am Jesus of Nazareth…”
I was blinded and led by hand to Damascus where Ananias –
a devout and well respected Jew prayed and I was healed.
He prophesied saying, “The God of our ancestors has chosen
you (Paul)…get up and be baptized and wash your sins
away, calling upon His name.”
V21 “The Lord sent me to the Gentiles”
V22 The crowd again shouted, “Get rid of him, he does not
deserve to live!”
The Commander ordered the soldiers take him into the
barracks to flog Paul.
I am a Roman Citizen…
As the soldiers were getting ready to flog Paul, he asked, “Is
it legal to flog a Roman citizen before a trial and proven
Commander, “I paid a very high price for my citizenship…
how are you a Roman citizen?”
Paul, “I was born a Roman citizen.”
Why are the Jews so angry with Paul?
Acts 23: 1 – 11 Claudius calls a meeting with the Sanhedrin and
Paul states he is a Pharisee and believes the argument is the
belief in the resurrection is the problem…
The Sanhedrin erupted arguing – Pharisees saying Paul is right
and not guilty; Sadducees saying there is no such thing as a
resurrection and Paul is guilty!
The argument became violent and the Commander ordered
Paul to be taken to the barracks.
Jesus stood before Paul…23:11
“Take courage! As you have
testified of Me in Jerusalem,
so you must also testify of Me
in Rome.”
The Plot to Kill Paul – Acts 23: 12 -23…
But God!
40 Jews meet with the Sanhedrin
The vowed to not eat until they have killed Paul
Agreed with the Sanhedrin to call a meeting and as
Paul is brought to the meeting these 40 men will kill him
PROBLEM: Paul’s sister’s son (nephew around 12 yrs
old) was working in the Temple…heard and told Paul.
Paul sent him to Claudius, Claudius decided to send
Paul to Caesarea
On to Caesarea – Acts 23: 23 – Acts 24: 27
200 soldiers; 70 horsemen; horses for Paul; and 200 foot
soldiers at 9 pm took Paul from Jerusalem to Caesarea!
Commander Claudius Lysia wrote a letter to the Roman
Governor Felix in Caesarea
Felix agrees to “hear” this case, 5 days later Ananias (the
High Priest who judged Jesus) and some Sanhedrin elders
came to meet with Felix and Paul
The Sanhedrin and Paul present their cases – Felix was well
acquainted with The Way and adjourned the meeting saying
when Claudius arrives, they will decide together…
Felix and his wife (Drusilla) Acts
24:22 - 27
Paul was “imprisoned” in Herod’s palace and given freedom
for his friends to visit and take care of his needs
A few days later, Felix and Drucilla (Jewish) came to listen to
Paul talked about righteousness, self-control, and judgement
Felix as afraid and said, “Enough! I will send for you when it is
convenient…” They spoke with him many times… however
2 years passed and Felix’s duties in Caesarea were over.
Porcius Festus replaced him…Paul left in prison…
What do
we see…
Christian life is never
Will have positive &
negative experiences
Acts 23: 11 Jesus still
says, “Take courage! I
am with you!”