Stay awake!
V1 Uproar ended – Paul
and disciples returned to
Greece – stayed 3 mos
v4 Sopater; Aristarchus;
Secundus; Gaius; Timothy;
Tychicus; and Trophimus
went before Paul & Luke
and waited at Troas
v6 Paul & Luke stayed in
Philippi – celebrate the
Feast of the Unleavened
Bread (stayed 7 days)
then went on to Troas
Acts 20
Vv7 – 12 In Troas
o Paul intended to leave
the next day
o Talked until midnight
o Eutychus, a young
man, fell asleep while
sitting in the window
o Paul went on and on
o Eutychus fell 3 floors
and died
o Paul went downstairs,
prayed for him, he
became alive, then
Paul went back
upstairs and finished
teaching at dawn
then he left…
Luke & others sailed
to Assos, Paul walked
Paul joined them and
sailed to Mitylene &
kept sailing until
Paul wanted to avoid
Ephesus because he
wanted to be in
Jerusalem by
Paul asked the
leaders in Ephesus to
meet him in Miletus
Paul’s most intimate conversation
(vv 18 – 35) “You know…”
I served the Lord with great humility and tears
I have not hesitated to preach anything that would help you
I have preached to both Jews and non-Jews repentance and
have faith in our Lord Jesus Christ
I have been warned, from city to city, by the Holy Spirit that
prison and hardship awaits me…
I have considered my life worth nothing to me, my only aim is
to finish the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus has
given me – testifying of the good news of God’s grace…
Paul’s final challenge to the Ephesian Leaders:
V25… “none of you will ever see me again…”
V26-27 “Because I have preached and taught His Word, I am
innocent of the blood of everyone”
Keep watch over yourselves and the flock the Holy Spirit has
made you overseers
Be shepherds of the church of God, which He bought with His
own blood
Wolves (deceivers) will come – WATCH and be on your guard
V32 Now I commit you to God and to the Word of His grace…
You know…
I have done my best to
take care of my own
I showed you that hard
work must help the
weak – Jesus said, “it is
better to give than to
He knelt down and
wept with them and
prayed together then
he boarded the ship…
Our “take away”
Be careful not to fall asleep
when I am preaching!
Spiritual/Church Leaders – read
Act 20: 19 – 32 often!
James 3: 1 states, “Not many
should presume to be
teachers…you will be judged
more strictly…”
Love and care for each other –
guard and protect His Church