Why not today?
ACTS 19: 8 - 22
Paul is still in Ephesus
v8 For 3 months he preached in their synagogue
Many were persuaded and believed
Some became obstinate = refused to believe
and maligned the gospel = lied against
v9-10 Paul left the synagogue and taught in a
lecture hall called Tyrannus. He spoke there for 2
years. All the Jews and Greeks in Asia heard the
V11& 12 God did extraordinary miracles: illnesses
were healed and evil spirits left those possessed
V13-16 The sons of Sceva (a Jewish chief priest)
“Jesus I know, and I know about Paul, but who
are you?”
They were beaten and ran…naked (no outer
coat) and bleeding
V17-22 The whole town was seized with fear and
the name of Jesus was held in high honor
Open Confession – Repentance – Cleansing
They identified and confronted hidden sins
Publicly burnt/destroyed these heart chains
The Word of the Lord spread widely. Paul sent
Timothy and Erastus back to Macedonia and stayed
a little longer in Ephesus.
Why not same today?
Only for Paul’s time?
We not worthy?
We not practice open confession, repentance, and
Or we simply not practice intimacy with Jesus? Not
fast or practice Romans 8 – focused prayer?
Today’s Deaf Community needs to see God working
in our lives!