Passion for the Word -> Service
Radical Obedience
An Intimate Walk
ACTS 18: 18B - 28
*Paul leaves Corinth
to go to Syria
*Priscilla and Aquila
go with Paul
*In Cenchrea – a port
town for Corinth, Paul
cuts his hair
*They sail to Ephesus
Paul cuts his hair? Nazarite Vow? What’s
a Nazarite Vow?
A couple of “famous people” took the Nazarite Vow: Samson
and John the Baptist (Jesus’ cousin)
Numbers 6: Could be either man or woman;
Ø A vow of separation at a designated time-period;
Ø No wine, grapes or raisins or any fermented drink;
Ø Cannot cut hair;
Ø Cannot go near or touch dead bodies or animals, etc.;
Ø Consecrated to the Lord ;
Ø Time done, shave head, and offer Fellowship Offering, and put
hair under the offering to be burnt with offering.
Paul’s vow was most likely not a Nazarite vow, maybe a vow
for deliverance from harm or from a serious illness…a time of
spiritual separation (a time out)
V19 When they arrived in Ephesus, Paul went to the synagogue
V20-22 The Jews asked Paul to stay longer, he declined,
promised to return after he went to Syria, and left for Antioch
V22-23 Paul went from Caesarea to Jerusalem, then to Antioch
and then travelled through the regions of Galatia and Phrygia
stopping at each church encouraging and strengthening the
Meanwhile… we meet Apollos in Ephesus
V 24-28 Apollos is from Alexandria (N. Africa) comes to
Ephesus vigorously preaching that Jesus is the Messiah
Very knowledgeable man – “thoroughly knew the Scriptures”
He taught about Jesus accurately
Knew only about John the Baptizer’s baptism – for repentance
Spoke boldly in the synagogue
Priscilla and Aquila invited him to their home and “explained to
him the way of God more accurately”
He wanted to go to Achaia (Greece) so the believers wrote a
letter for him so the believers there would welcome him
He vigorously preached Jesus – the Messiah publicly
What we can
learn… Apollos
An example of someone who
loved and studied thoroughly
the Word of God
Someone who was willing to be
His passion for God’s Word led
him to be a servant overflowing
with God’s message
Priscilla and Aquila
They were tentmakers
– blue collar workers
Radically changed by
Became teachers of
the Word and
recognized as pastors
in the early church
Examples of radical
A faithful servant taking care of
his relationship with Christ
Volunteered to set aside a time
of fasting, praying, retreating
with the Lord
Craved and acted upon a
deeper designated time with
the Lord.
What season are you
in now?
A season of studying His Word
leading you to serve by sharing
His Word?
A time for life changing radical
obedience? Or
A season to separate yourself
for a deeper/intimate time with
the Lord?