Guilty by association
ACTS 17: 1-15
Guilty by association!
From Philippi
Acts 17: 1 - 15
Paul, Silas, Luke and team arrive at Thessalonica – the Roman
capital city of that region
They minister at the synagogue for 3 Sabbaths
Explaining and proving that the Messiah (Jesus) was to suffer,
die, and rise again – this seems to be one of the main “issues”
Many believed: Jews, Greeks, and prominent woman
Non-believing Jews became jealous and spread lies against
They stirred the town into an uproar – so the rushed into
Jason’s house looking for Paul and team.
Paul and team not there, so the crowd dragged Jason
out of his home and took him to the city officials saying,
‘Jason is housing these men who have cause trouble all
over the world!’
Great conflict among the City Council leaders
v8 Jason had to pay a large fine then released…Guilty!
At night, the believers in
Thessalonica sent Paul & team
to Berea
The Bereans were called ‘noble
character’ = they welcomed
Paul’s debate and searched
Scriptures to check if true or
not…hungry for truth
Many believed in Jesus after
their studying the Word
V12 Tell us “many believed”
v13 Opposition again! Thessalonians come to Berea to
start trouble again!
V14 The Bereans immediately take Paul to the coast to
send him (boat) to Athens
V15 Paul sends a message to his team to meet him in
Athens as soon as possible…
Who do you want to be labelled
a friend/associate?
What do people say about you?