ACTS 16: 16 - 40
V16 – 18 The Slave Girl
Paul, Silas, Luke, and team were still staying
with Lydia in Philippi
For several days, a demon possessed slave
girl, who could predict the future (predict
not KNOW = demons are NOT Omniscient),
followed Paul and group. She constantly
shouted, “These men are servants of the
Most High God, who are telling you the
way to be saved.”
Paul becomes annoyed and said, “In the
name of Jesus Christ, I command you to
come out of her!” Instantly, the demon left.
The girl’s owners realized they were
loosing money because she was no
longer possessed. Brought Paul and
Silas to their town Magistrate (Mayor)
complaining that Paul and Silas were
teaching practices that Rome did not
Meet the Jailor: v25 - 31
The Mayor ordered Paul and Silas
flogged and jailed. The jailor put them
in the most secure part of the prison.
At midnight, the other prisoners could
hear them praying and singing praises
V26 A violent earthquake shook all the
prison doors open and all the chains fell off.
The jailor assumed all the prisoners
escaped and started to kill himself, but Paul
called out, “Don’t harm yourself, we are all
The jailor fell at their feet and asked, “what
must I do to be saved?” He brought Paul
and Silas to his home, fed them, cleaned
their wounds.
Paul and Silas ministered the Word to him
and his family – he and his household were
saved. “Believe in the Lord Jesus and you
will be saved and your household…” v31
V35 Paul and Silas – Roman Citizens!
Daylight, Mayor releases them from jail,
however, Paul declares their Citizenship and
demands a formal escort out of jail –
publicly you punished us then publicly free
They escorted Paul and Silas to Lydia’s
home and are asked to leave the city “asap”
Paul and Silas encourages the young church
leaders and leave Philippi – he intentionally
and publicly identified himself with the
church – now providing Roman covering!
There is a cost to serving Jesus
What is your “prison”?
There is great victory! The slave girl saved,
the jailor’s household saved, the Philippian
Church protected – chance to grow and…
In the midst of chaos and crisis – Paul and
Silas prayed and sang praises…what are you