Huh? Wrong way?
West not North?
The Call to Macedonia
ACTS 16: 6 - 15
Acts 16: 6 - 8
Traveled throughout Phrygia
and Galatia
Bordering on Mysia, they
tried as least twice to go into
But the Spirit of the Lord
stopped them – 2X
So they went to Troas
Historical note:
Mysia – name of a
town but also used as
an insulting name for
“despicable and
mean” – Like “that
infor you deaf” “deaf”
used as “clueless” or
“never heard that
V 10: “they” changed
to “we” from Troas
V9 That night, Paul had
a vision of a man from
Macedonia pleading
with him, “Come over to
Macedonia and help
Immediately, ”we” got
ready to go to
Macedonia because
we concluded that God
had called “us” to
preach the gospel to
What did MLK mean?
God changed their direction
A deep ‘heart touch’ God did
speak to me
Saw a need
Sensed ‘urgent’
Willing and ready to respond
The 1
Western Convert – Lydia
Acts 16: 12 - 15
Philippi – leading Roman city in that
Lydia = business name or personal?
From Thyatira – Near Ephesus!
She was a dealer in “purple cloth”
A devout worshipper of God (could
mean convert to Judaism)
The Lord opened her heart
She and her household were baptized
Convinced Paul & company to stay at
her home
Possible dilemmas…
Bithynia no good? Ignored? God prefer other?
Lydia was from Thyatira, near Ephesus, went
all the way to Philippi to minister to her?
Acts 2:9 listed in the many regions – Pontus and Asia = Bithynia
I Peter 1:1 mentions Bithynia as a place of ministry happening
Acts 19 mentions many came from Asia (Bithynia and Pontus) –
who were church leaders
John 6:44 “No one can come to Me (Jesus) except the Father
which has sent Me draw him/her.”
II Peter 3: 9, “The Lord is not slow in keeping His
promise, as some understand slowness. Instead,
He is patient with you, not wanting anyone to
perish, but everyone to come repentance.”
The Macedonia Call – having a deep sense of
urgency for the lostness of the non-believer and
a drive to reach out and lead them to
What is your response to the non-believer? “Oh
well, their choice” or “Lord, use me to make a