Paul’s 1
Journey Begins
Acts 13: 13 - 52
From Paphos to
Perga in the
region of
John Mark
returns home to
Paul and
continue to
Antioch #2 – in
the Pisidia
A Pattern of sharing the Gospel is established:
First to the Synagogue (“church” - Temple is in
Went in, sat down, did not call attention to
The Leaders of the Synagogue noticed their
visitors and asked if they (Paul and Barnabas)
had “words of exhortation to share” – testimony
Paul stood up… (the crowd was mixed with both
Jewish and Gentile followers of the Jewish
religion and practices)
God chose Abraham’s Ancestors:
In Egypt/slavery, they prospered
His mighty power freed them
He cared for them in the wilderness – 40 years
He overthrew 7 nations in Canaan for them to inherit the
Promise Land
All of this took about 450 years
Paul first gave a
historical context:
God sent many prophets to guide Israel – God
was their King!
But they wanted to be just like everyone
They chose Saul, taller than the others,
handsome…but insecure…infirmities lead to
his destruction…
He hid when they were looking to crown him
He was very jealous of David’s victories
Cruel to Israel and to his son
Disobeyed God and Samuel several times
Eventually, killed himself…
Then came David – Tribe of Judah and chosen by God
God chose because David
worshiped God with all his
God called David, “A man
after My own heart” – a
And because he did
everything God asked him -
From King David, God brought to Israel the
Savior Jesus
It was to Abraham’s family and
God-fearing Gentiles who God
sent the message of salvation
The Jews and rulers did not
realize that they were fulfilling
prophecy by crucifying Jesus
Jesus rose from the dead
forgiving all our sins
Jesus lives today!
Paul’s Summary:
Though King David was a great King, Jesus is even greater!
When David died, he was buried and his body decayed like
any other person’s body would…
But Psalms 2: 7; Psalms 16: 10; and Isaiah 55: 3 state that
the Savior’s body will never decay… the Resurrection!
Forgiveness of sins is for everyone who will believe in Jesus
Justification (payment for) sins is through the sacrifice of
Jesus on the Cross and His resurrection – obedience to the
Laws of Moses could not accomplish this!
Paul ends their stay in Perga with:
Many Jews and Gentiles believed in Jesus after Paul’s
teaching…the Word spread throughout the region
Many Jews were jealous of the crowds who believed and
started spreading lies against Paul and Barnabas
Paul warned them to “be careful you do not mock God’s
plans – you WILL perish!”
They persecuted (beat-up) Paul and Barnabas, told them
to leave the region… the dusted off the dirt on their
sandals (Jewish tradition)
And left went on to Iconium filled with joy and the Holy
What did I see in Spain?
Over 300+ Deaf (few hearing) from 30+ countries
Many were from countries where “Deaf” is either a sickness or a
shame – the external environment is against serving the Lord
They were rejoicing and filled with the Holy Spirit as they told their
stories of salvation and surviving in their homelands
Ukrainian Deaf told of barely escaping Russian bombs and their
homes totally destroyed and they are seeking ways of sharing Jesus
with other Ukrainian Deaf that do not know Jesus – they could leave
to safety – they return to share Jesus
A few Jewish Christians (Messianic Jews) were there – one man’s
home was 6 miles from the Gaza strip bombed… took a while to hear
from his wife and children – they are ok – flights delayed from Spain
to Israel … they were determined to get back home to share Jesus
more urgently…
The WDAG (World Deaf Assemblies of God) Conference
theme was “Rivers of Living Water” - John 7: 37 & 38
Every night the altar was filled with men and women
seeking the Lord and for the infilling of the Holy Spirit
Could we face what Paul and Barnabas faced? Could we
face what many of our Deaf Christian brothers and
sisters face everyday?
Are we as hungry for His presence as they are?