“Get up and go!”
Acts 9: 32 – 43;
I Samuel 16;
I Kings 19; and
John 5
Healing of Aenas – Acts 9: 32 – 35
Peter in Lydda
Paralyzed man – Aenas – paralyzed for 8 years
Peter said, “Jesus heals you, get up…”
Immediately, he got up and all who lived in Lydda saw
and turned to the Lord
Tabitha – 9: 36 – 43
In Joppa, a disciple named Tabitha or Dorcas (grk) was always doing
good and serving the poor
Became sick and died
The widows wept and prepared Tabitha’s body for burial, placing her
in an upstairs room
Some from Joppa heard that Peter was in Lydda and asked to come
V39 Peter entered the room
and saw the widows there
They showed him the clothes
and robes Tabitha made
V40 Peter sent all of them out
and got on his knees & prayed,
then said to her, “Get up…”
V41 Peter took her by the
hand and helped her to her feet
Peter calls in the widows first
This became known all over
Joppa and many people
Peter stayed in Joppa with
Simon the Tanner (leather
Get up and go…!
I Samuel 16
Saul rebels against God
God removes Saul as King
Samuel leaves and never
sees Saul again – mourning
God tells Samuel, “Enough!
Get up and go…”
Get up and go!
I Kings 19
Elijah experiences a great victory
Jezebel’s threat
Elijah runs … God asks, “What are you doing
The Lord sent an angel to minister to Elijah
3 times, then told Elijah, “get up and eat…”
Get up and go!
John 5
Jesus heals the lame
man at the Pool of
Jesus told him, “Get up,
pick up your mat, and
walk – go!”
It is time!
Get up and go!