ACTS 9: 1 - 31
1. Conversion (Accepting Jesus into his heart) = 9: 1 – 18
2. Calling = 9: 19 – 22
3. Cost = 9: 23 – 25 and II Corinthians 11
4. Covering = 9: 26 – 31
Saul breathing out murderous threats against
the Lord’s disciples
A letter from Chief Priests giving him the right
to arrest men and women in Damascus
belonging to the Way ( John 14: 6)
As he neared Damascus, a great light from
heaven flashed around him – Saul fell to the
A voice from heaven, “Saul, Saul why do you
persecute Me?”
Saul responded, “Who are You, Lord?”
Jesus replied, “I am Jesus, Whom you
persecute, now get up and go into the
city and you will be told what you must
The men traveling with Saul were
speechless – they heard the sound but
did not see anyone
Saul was blinded by the light
They led him by the hand into the city
and there Saul stayed for 3 days – fasting
and praying
V10-19 The Lord speaks to Ananias, “Go
and ask for Saul of Tarsus, he is praying
and in a vision he sees you, Ananias,
coming and laying hands on him to
restore his sight…”
Ananias replies, “You know who he is
and why he has come here…”
BUT the Lord said, “Go! This man is My
chosen instrument to proclaim My
name to the Gentiles…I will show him
how much he must suffer for My name”
Ananias went, placed his hands on Saul, Saul was filled with the Holy
Spirit, and immediately scales fell from his eyes – Saul was healed; he
got up was baptized in water; ate and began to regain his strength
Saul started preaching in the Damascus synagogue that Jesus is the Son
of God and the Messiah; debating with some Hellenistic Jews. They
determined to kill Saul.
Cost: vv23 – 25 and II Cor 11: 22 – 29
Only the beginning of what S/Paul would experience: Jews conspired to kill
him – the believers lowered him over the city wall to escape
II Corinthians 11 – I am a Jew of all Jews! Descendant of Abraham – yet
I have been flogged 5Xs –by my own people – the Jews
3Xs beaten with rods, once pelted with stones
3Xs shipwrecked –spent 1 night and day floating in the sea
I have been constantly moved from place to place
In danger from my own people, from the Gentiles, in the city, in the country,
danger at sea, from false believers, I have worked very hard, without sleep,
without food and water, cold and without proper clothing … but worst of all
I faced the daily worry about the health of the church and believers…
Covering: 9: 26 – 31
Saul returned to Jerusalem and tried to meet with the Disciples – but
could not… they were afraid of him…
BUT Barnabas took him and spoke on behalf of Saul, telling them of
Saul’s conversion and actions in Damascus, Saul was able to stay with
the Disciples…freely moving around in Jerusalem preaching Jesus and
debating with the leaders of the Temple.
They were determined to kill Saul, so the Disciples sent Saul to Caesarea
and on to Tarsus (Saul’s hometown).
And the “baby” Church continued to fear (honor) the Lord and
encouraged in the Spirit continued to grow in peace
Picture of Saul’s
Have you accepted Jesus into your heart? Is He your Lord and Savior?
What would it take for the “worst” Deaf person in our community to
become a Christian?
How would we respond if s/he showed up at BDA?
Do we have a Barnabas or are you a Barnabas who would “cover” that
person with your reputation?
What cost are you willing to pay to be known as a Christian?