The Life of Stephen
Ordinary to Extraordinary
Acts 6: 8 – 7: 60
Called to Serve
One of the 7 Deacons
chosen on Acts 6
Filled with the Holy
Filled with wisdom
because of the Holy
Spirit and his
Opposition arose:
Note: anytime
truth is spoken –
opposition will
Ø Freedmen: Jews from N. Africa and
Central Asia
v Argued with Stephen and could not
defeat him
v Stephen spoke with wisdom the
Holy Spirit gave him
v Freedmen collected false witnesses
against Stephen and took him to
the Sanhedrin (Jewish Supreme
v The Sanhedrin looked at Stephen
and saw his face was as bright as
an angels…peace and confident
Chapter 7
The Sanhedrin asked, “Are these charges true?”
Stephen told the “big themes” of their Jewish history:
God’s Covenant with Abraham - 3 parts: 1) your decedents
will be more than the stars in the sky; 2) the Promise Land;
and 3) anyone who bless you (Jewish nation) God will bless
and anyone who is against you – I (God) will be against
Isaac and Jacob
Jacob’s 12 sons: 10 older sons hated spoiled Joseph
Brings us to their family moved to Egypt (only 75 people then) to 400
yrs of captivity and more that 5 million Jews
Enters Moses at 80 years old called to return to Egypt
Crossing of the Red Sea…the people still worshipped false gods –
Molech (sun god, brass, heated and babies were place in it’s arms to
burn to death) and Rephan (Saturn, the god of evil influence -
While still in the dessert, God gave the 10 Commandments and the
Tabernacle (“the Tent” of worship)
Then Joshua was used to conquer and bring them into the
Promise Land
Then David to Solomon who built the Temple and God asks, “Do
you think I live in houses made by human hands?”
Boom! The transition and application:
Today – you are still the SAME! You are:
Stiff necked (stubborn); Always persecuting His prophets; you
killed the Righteous One (Jesus); and you have the Laws of God
but you still do not obey them…
The Sanhedrin covered their ears,
yelling and gnashing their teeth, rushed
at Stephen and dragged him out of the
As they left the Temple, the witnesses
threw their coats at Saul’s feet (Paul)
Stephen’s last words, “Lord Jesus,
receive my spirit…” and “Lord, do not
hold this sin against them…”
And Stephen died…
What do we see…
The Freedmen,
Sanhedrin & Saul
Those who knew the
Nice and religious
Not for me…
Stephen & many others
after him
Heard & by faith believed – just
Understood Jesus is REAL
Lived obediently – whatever the
Which are you?