“but what I do have…I give…”
Acts 3
The Story
Peter and John go to the Temple for afternoon prayers
– 3pm
A lame man is routinely brought to the Gate Beautiful
everyday to beg
Peter and John look directly at him and Peter says,
“Look at us”
The man looks at them expecting to get something
V6 “Silver or gold I do not have, but what I do have I give
to you. In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, walk.”
V7 Peter taking his hand, helping him up, immediately the
man’s feet and ankles became strong…
V8 He jumped up went walking and jumping and praising
God…following and holding on to Peter and John
V9 Those in the Temple were astonished! Filled with
wonder and amazed!
V12 Peter asks, “Why are you amazed?”
Peter declares the Deity of Jesus (vs 12 – 26)
The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob has glorified Jesus
You disowned the Holy and Righteous One – Jesus
You killed the Author of Life (John 1) but God raised Him
By faith in the Name of Jesus – this man was healed
The prophets spoke of the Messiah – He would suffer
Jesus wiped away our sins – repent!
God raised Jesus and sent Him 1
to us (Jewish nation)
Miracles = an extraordinary event manifesting Divine
interaction in human affairs (Webster)
Didn’t Jesus say His followers would do greater things than He
did? John 14: 12
The disciples did! Acts 5, Acts 6, Acts 8, Acts 14, Romans 15: 19,
II Cor 12:12; Heb 2:4, etc…
Col 2: 8 – 10 says the fullness of God is in Christ Jesus, Who now
lives in YOU…
Do we see miracles today?
Miracles do happen TODAY!
March 2015 – Police hear a woman’s cry for help in
freezing water, found she died 14 hrs before that but her
18 month old baby still alive
Jan 2015 – John(14 yrs old) fell through frozen lake – movie
called “Break Through”, doctors declared dead, mother
prays and he returns to life, he became a student at North
Central University in Minneapolis, MN.
My own life:
6 years old on a homemade skateboard headed down
hill into city traffic – a hand flipped my board seconds
before flying into traffic
NW College (Kirkland) student – ruptured my disc, heard
God say, “JoAnn get up” after 2 weeks stuck in bed
Aunty Emma and flesh-eating parasite…in the hospital
2 Current Christian Authors:
Craig Keener – Miracles Today two volume book
with thousands of documented (medical proof)
miracles – Pew research documents hundreds of
millions of modern-day miracles
Eric Metaxas – Miracles documents thousands of
miracles here and internationally – in the Name of
So why not we see them?...
Lack of faith? Sometimes – sometimes not
What we know Biblically: has an evangelistic result;
glorifies Jesus as God and Savior; not “magic”; in the last
days false prophets and teachers will do signs and
wonders (Mark 13:22)
God has a purpose for each sign and wonder; sometimes
says ’yes’; sometime says ‘no’; sometimes ‘wait’ – learn to
ask and trust His answer! God is Sovereign