The Holy Spirit
Like Dove
Genesis 6 and Matthew 3
Peace Gen 8 – Noah
Rest Ps 55: 6 – David
Purity & Beauty Song of Sol 5: 2
Holy & Perfect Song of Sol 6: 9
Trusting Hosea 7: 11
Gentle Matt 10: 16
Used as sin offerings by the poor –
Leviticus 12: 6 & Luke 2: 24
Pigeons stayed in towns, lived in cages and did not
Doves were called “wild” and migrated seasonally.
They were often used to predict Spring’s arrival – new
life. Often lived among rocks.
Song of Solomon
2: 14
“My dove in the
cleft (cracks) of
the rock, in the
hiding places in
show me your
Song of Solomon
2: 12
“Flowers appear on
the earth; the season
of singing has come,
the cooing of doves
is heard in our land.”
(Male calling for his
Mourning/Turtle Dove -
Isaiah 38: 14 …Israel moans like a
dove in trouble
Isaiah 58: 11 “…we moan like doves;
we look for justice but it is far from
Isaiah did not know much about
doves, he thought their cooing was
because of pain – in reality doves
are happiest when they are cooing.
Historians say Isaiah probably should
have said pigeons not doves.
Doves used as a sin offering
by the poor
Lev. 5: 7 “Anyone who
cannot afford a lamb is to
bring 2 doves or 2 young
pigeons to the Lord as a
penalty for their sin – one for a
sin offering and the other for a
burnt offering.”
Luke 2: 22-24, “Every first born
male is to be consecrated…”
Earliest Biblical mention
of the dove was in the
story of Noah & the flood
in Gen. 8 – symbol of
peace and hope.
Both raven & dove picked
because both were loyal and
would come back to their
Raven flew around and
Dove went out – returned
time went out – returned
with an olive branch to feed
his family
Jesus’ Water Baptism –
Matthew 3: 16-17
”As soon as Jesus was
baptized, he went up out
of the water. At that
moment heaven opened,
and …the Spirit of God
descended like a dove
and alighting on Him. And
a voice from heaven said,
‘This is My Son, Whom I love
with Him, I am well
Why is the dove symbolic of the Holy Spirit?
He fills us with peace and hope (Noah)
He is gentle and pure (Song of Solomon)
Leads us to rest (David)
God, Himself, reveals the Holy Spirit in the likeness of a dove
to remind us that not only is He holy and just, but He is loving
and gentle, guiding us to peace, hope, and rest in Him.
Matthew 10: 16 & 17 Jesus said…
“I am sending you out like sheep among
wolves. Therefore be as shrewd/wise as
snakes and as innocent/gentle as doves.
Be on your guard…”