LUKE 2: 22 - 39
Merry Christmas!
This Luke chapter 2 story is part of the Christmas story… happens 8
days after Jesus’ birth
Joseph & Mary are obeying the Purification Rites as instructed in the
Laws of Moses
They are to: (1) consecrate (separate for God’s purpose only) the first
born male to the Lord and (2) offer a sacrifice – note Joseph and
Mary’s offering was 2 doves…
We are introduced to Simeon: could be just a dedicated old man who
was looking forward the coming of the Messiah…given a promise from
God that he would not die until he saw the Messiah.
Could be: the son of Hillel; the father of Gamaliel, descendant of David,
and president of the Sanhedrin. Problem: Mishna does not talk about
Simeon – it skips his existence completely… researchers think that
because he believed that Jesus was the Messiah that the Mishna writers
intentionally excluded (removed) his name from their written history.
The Holy Spirit came upon Simeon
V28 – 35 He took Jesus in his arms and praised God saying, “Sovereign
Lord, as You have promised…You may dismiss Your servant in peace… my
eyes have seen Your salvation…(He) is a light for revelation to the
Gentiles and the glory of Your people Israel.”
Mary and Joseph marveled at what Simeon said…
Simeon continued, “This child will cause the falling and rising of Israel - a
sign that will be spoken against; revealing the hearts of many; and a
sword will pierce your heart, too.”
V25 Simeon was looking for the “Consolation of Israel” – the Messiah
Consolation = counsel and comfort after great distress or sorrow – the 1
Comforter (John 14 – Jesus came as the 1
comforter – Messiah, Who
would send the 2
Comforter – the Holy Spirit)
Jeremiah 31:9
Great weeping (contrite/repentant heart) – tears of sorrow
Tears of joy for the present – God hears and sees
Prayers poured out for the future hope
Ephraim (10 Tribes) will be reunited with Judah
But with consolation, I will bring them back – Israel will be restored!
Her name means “God is gracious”
She’s about 90 – 103 years old
From the Tribe of Asher – one of the Ten Rebellious Tribes that split and
became the Nation of Israel vs the Nation of Judah (2 Tribes: Judah and
Benjamin). Some families left the Ten and rejoined the Nation of Judah -
this is what Anna’s family did.
Daughter of Phanuel or Penuel or Peniel – Peniel is the place Jacob
named where he wrestled with God…means “I have seen the face of God
and survived.” (Gen 32:30)
Known as a “prophetess” or (Hebrew) “interpretess” – one who has the
gift of apocalyptic (end times) message…
Anna was married only 7 years when he husband died and she remain
serving in the Temple ever since… praying and fasting – looking for the
Messiah to come…
Came to the Temple where Mary, Joseph, Jesus and Simeon were…
looked at the baby and praised and worshipped God. Then telling
everyone she could that she had seen the Messiah
Anna saw the face of God as did Jacob…
Matthew 2: The angel of the Lord speaks to Joseph soon after this, they
leave for and stay in Egypt until Herod dies, then returns to Nazareth
The Consolation – The Redeemer came to Israel – God’s Word became a
life that lived among us for 33 years
Crucified to pay the debt of the sins of the world … our sins
He died and rose again and is returning to eternally rule
Looking back at 2022, like Jeremiah states…we weep with sorry for life’s
pain experienced; we cry for joy for the present blessings we now have
and we pour out prayers for the future (2023 and beyond)…
The question still stands – have you seen the face of God, experienced
the Consolation of heaven, do you know Christ Jesus as your Savior and