Merry Christmas!
§ Gospel of Mark – starts with Jesus’
water baptism. Mark wrote on behalf
of Peter…to the Romans – “the doers”
§ Gospel of John – starts with, “In the
beginning was the Word, with God
and was God, all things made by
Him, became flesh and lived among
us, Jesus Christ…(Jn 1:1-18)
§ John establishes Jesus’ deity: Jesus it
the Word of God that became human
§Matthew 1:1-18 Traces Jesus’
birth line (lineage) from
Joseph to Abraham
§Joseph through Solomon
§Luke 3:23-38 Traces Jesus’
lineage from Mary to Adam
§Mary through Nathan (another
son of David)
§ Matthew writes to a Jewish reader
§ Traces Jesus back to David, Judah, and
Abraham – fulfilling the promise of God to
§ Uses the male line: Joseph – emphasizes he
is the husband of Mary not the father of Jesus
§ Luke is Greek, saved through Paul’s ministry,
and is a medical doctor.
§ Luke traces Jesus through Nathan (son of
David). Commentaries identify both Solomon
and Nathan are sons birth by Bathsheba.
§ Luke traces Jesus’ lineage back to Adam –
the Father of all of humanity.
Prep for Jesus’
conception and
§ Luke 1: 1-25 John the baptizer’s birth,
Elizabeth (Jn’s mom) is Mary’s older
§ Vv26-38 Gabriel and Mary’s
§ Vv39-56 Mary goes to Jerusalem – visits
Elizabeth and Zechariah’s home.
Elizabeth is 6 mos pregnant. Jn jumps
within Elizabeth and the Holy Spirit
comes upon her and she prophesies.
§ After 3 mos, Mary returns to Nazareth
Matthew and Luke
§ Matthew 1:18-25 An angel visits Joseph
§ Luke 2: 1-20 Caesar’s census, Joseph &
Mary travel to Bethlehem, town full of
people because of the census.
§ Mary gives birth in a “barn” and laid
Jesus in a manger
§ An angel appeared to the shepherds
living in the fields (Spring months)
§ Then a “host” of angels appear singing
§ The shepherd find Joseph, Mary, and
Jesus and goes back to Bethlehem telling
everyone they could about what they saw
Matthew and Luke
Prep for Jesus’
conception and
“Do not be afraid, I bring
you good news! Today
in the town of David a
Savior has been born to
you; He is the Messiah,
the Lord.”
The angel said,
Jesus’ circumcision,
The Magi visit,
Trip to Egypt
§ Luke 2:22-39 Jesus taken to the Temple on
the 8
day after birth to fulfill Law
requirements. They bring 2 doves for
sacrifice and meet Simeon and Anna
§ Approximately two years later, the Magi
arrive bringing 3 gifts: gold, frankincense,
and myrrh. (odd gifts!)
§ An angel appears to Joseph and tells him to
take Mary and Jesus to Egypt…they stay
there until Herod dies and returns to
Nazareth where Jesus is raised…we hear
nothing more about Jesus until He is 12 yrs
Luke 2:22-39 & Matt 2:1-23